About Me

poojaNamaste, I’m Pooja Sharma. When I moved to US, I didn’t knew much about blogging. And I never ever thought that I’ll be writing one. Professionally I am a lawyer and have worked with corporate firms in India.

In addition, I am also a passionate food lover and loves cooking. I like to try new recipes and experimenting with flavors and giving my very own touch to regular recipes. Since my childhood, I have a dream of opening a restaurant. After moving to US, I thought to fulfill that part of my dream and it lead me to start this blog. It would be best to connect with people and bloggers to share my recipes and experiments. It can also help me with connecting other passionate foodies like me. And from their comments and feedback, I will be able to level up my prowess🙂

I welcome you and your friends, everyone to FoodnFoodie, the world of delicacies from healthy to delicious, scrumptious recipes and some indulgent desserts.


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